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Natural Gas Hot Water Tank Rentals

Newer hot water tanks are more efficient than the older, more conventional models using up to 40% less energy. Did you know these appliances are ranked second for the most energy used in your home? In fact, they even account for up to a quarter of your total energy bill.

A Solution That’s Efficient

An ENERGY STAR® qualified tank is the solution when you’re looking for a hot water tank that’s efficient and our trained and licensed technicians will come and take the old one away at no cost to you. Twenty-four hour telephone support and parts and labour are covered for most models during the rental period as well.

You’ll get a free three month hot water tank rental when you call us today. You can set up an appointment at 1-877-497-4902 or email

Tank Type Size (gallons) Energy Efficiency ENERGY STAR® Monthly Rental
Conventional Vent 40 59% $14.99
Conventional Vent 50 62% $15.99
Conventional Vent 60 56% $19.99
Power Vent 40 64% checkmark $24.99
Power Vent 50 62% checkmark $25.99
Electric 40 N/A $12.99
Electric 60 N/A $13.99

Your home needs a properly sized tank

Household characteristics are an important determining factor here. The tank should be capable of keeping up with your family’s high water demand days. The following chart will help.

House Type Family Size * Energy Efficiency Tank Size (gallons)
Home with 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, and washing machine 3 – 4 454 40
Home with 3 bedrooms, washing machine, and dishwasher 4 – 5 568 50
Home with 4 bedrooms, washing machine, and dishwasher 4 – 6 621 50
Larger home with 4 or more bedrooms, washing machine, and dishwasher (heavy use characteristics) 5 – 7 757 60
Larger home as above with whirlpool baths 6 – 8 946 75
* If teenagers are in the home, select one model size larger.

Reasons to Rent From Ecosmart

  • It’s free for two months
  • For the length of the contract, we cover maintenance costs
  • Free standard installation
  • We cover replacements, services and repairs
  • Licensed technicians providing guaranteed service are one of our specialties
  • ENERGY STAR® rated units for different vents and models
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